Terms of Agreement

Hybrid Healing is a Private Practice, that allows patient’s the opportunity to engage in their Wellness Journey alongside a Team of Experts as support.

Services provided range from virtual and onsite comprehensive medical evaluation, evaluation for possible viral infection with covid-19, influenza or atypical mycoplasma, evaluation for medication refill prescriptions in continuity of chronic conditions, evaluation and interpretation of images and studies requested for diagnosis, treatment or continuity of care, detox programs, long term wellness programs, destination retreats and onsite workshops that allow patient empowerment and engagement in their Wellness Journey.

Clients can select from an array of services, telephone or video consult, comprehensive evaluation, recommendations and an individualized program tailored to current clinical condition and long term wellness intentions, or simply take part from individual services such as the onsite workshops.

The comprehensive exam and evaluation of bodily functions, routine analysis, physical exam, medication reconciliation will always be recommended and clients will always have the option of including this bundle in their appointment request and/or decline such services as desired.

Refill prescriptions will require blood samples to ensure proper renal and liver function. Routine cholesterol, glucose, prostate, vitamin/mineral levels will always be included and recommended according to the United States Preventive Service Task Force, allowing the patient to agree and/or decline and select to proceed without recommendations for the first 6 months. Evidence of Primary Care Physician and evidence of continuity will be required for record keeping.

Annual comprehensive evaluation with continuity and routine blood work, medication reconciliation, comprehensive annual evaluation and physical exam with interdisciplinary approach will always be recommended and available for patient to include as part of their requested services with an informed consent to be completed and signed if the comprehensive evaluation and continuity is declined.

Hybrid Healing will reserve the right to serve clients that sign Informed Consent and Terms of Agreement.

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